Our Life


We believe sustainability is a way of living. To have a better tomorrow than today, we need to manage our resources responsibly and in a sustainable way. We are all interconnected and every living being is affected by the results of our activities. With this awareness, we operate our business in a manner consistent with social and environmental standards as we promised in our Social Responsibility Policy and set our strategies and goals accordingly. We are committed to UN Global Compact principles.

Social responsibility

We take every action with our employees collectively to make a meaningful impact on our society. In close collaboration with nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders, we organize various social campaigns such as; blood donation, smoking cessation movement, donations for local schools, afforestation campaigns, clean up movement, etc…


The local schools and universities where we operate are our strong partners. We take part in their activities, have internship agreements with them and cooperate in joint research projects. The company representatives participate in the technical seminars and symposiums to enhance the information exchange between the industry & academy.

Social activities

In their spare time, our employees can participate to corporate sport activities. While trekking or cycling, they can enjoy nature and have a good time together. Basketball or football tournaments among departments both boost health and fitness and promote teamwork and communication.